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posters for the people

photo of sunny day with a light blue sky, screenprinted posters hang on a clothesline attached to a big tree with a birdhouse. the posters have a figure, hair in a low bun, holding up a raised fist, under the fist it says “rise, resist, remember”.

this summer i learned how to screenprint with my kasama in Gabriela Oakland 💜

so much gratitude to Melanie Cervantes & Jesus Barraza of Dignidad Rebelde for their brilliance, passion, & thoughtfulness in teaching virtually thru this pandemic. they curated an incredibly radical curriculum on the history of screen-printing & poster-making. i learned about so many artists, collectives, and movement history that never reached me when i was in art school.

Center for Political Eduation is hosting a virtual event November 5th 6:30PM-8:00PM PST. Register here.

“Join us for an evening of political art, music, and stories featuring the first cohort of ‘Posters for the People,’ a political graphics-making class & capacity-building project led by Dignidad Rebelde and Center for Political Education.

Come and check out the screen prints created by students representing seven organizations across the Bay Area and learn more about this effort to build durable art-making infrastructure for grassroots movements.

…a musical performance by Kiwi Illafonte (twitter: @kiwizzo)!

Accessibility information: Live captions will be available.”

colorful graphic of hands pulling a squeegee. says “Friday, November 5 6:30-8PM PT, register at:, Posters for the People featuring Bay Area social movement organizations”


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