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nicole gervacio is an interdisciplinary artist based in occupied Ohlone territory, known as Huchiun, commonly known as Oakland, California. her ancestors come from the Bisayan islands and Luzon in the archipelago known as the philippines.

inspired by bodies and memory her work explores identity, permanence versus impermanence, and is often driven by a fear of forgetting – a response to the colonization, silencing, and invisiblization of their communities as well as many others under U.S. imperialism. nicole aims to heal the cultural & historical amnesia we inherited from the ongoing violence of colonialism that harms people, beings, and land and has us facing multiple crises today. when nicole creates art they are informed & inspired by the symbiosis of relatives that make us – from the islands our ancestors come from, the stolen lands they live on, the sand & oceans between and all the beings these waters connect. the responsibility & purpose of being an artist is a dance they navigate by creating ancestors and future generations.

nicole is an active participant and collaborator with the grassroots adult freedom school Liberation Spring and co-founded the cultural production group We Rise. both continue to deepen her work as an artist and activist.

grateful for this resource from the community: tatlong bagsak for black lives


2016 - 2020       Liberation Spring

2007 - 2011       California College of the Arts, BFA


2020 - Present   Media & Communications, Radically Fit Oakland

2019 - Present   Queereographer / Instructor, Radically Fit Oakland

2017 - Present   Art Teacher, The People's Conservatory

2017 - Present   Assistant, Karina Epperlein

2016 - Present   Visuals, Bedazzlement & Media Support, Liberation Spring

2016 - Present   Co-Founder / Co-Producer, We Rise Production

2015 - 2018       Assistant, Beth Fein, dance anywhere®

2014 - 2015       Artist Coordinator / Lead Artist, Her Resilience

2012 - 2017       Choreographer / Instructor​, Hipline Dance Studio 

2012 - 2015       Graphic Designer / Project & Media Coordinator, Lightning Squad 


2022   Queer & Well: A QTBIPOC Wellness Fair, The Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA - Collaboration with Radically Fit Oakland & Gemini Moon Botanicals

2021   Posters for the People, Center for Political Education Virtual Exhibition in collaboration with Dignidad Rebelde

2020   Slide Slam, Undiscovered Virtual Exhibition - Curated by Balay Kreative

2020   Justice Mural: Heal Oakland, Oakland, CA - Organized by The People's Conservatory

2020   Dance Instructor, Dance for Kadamay, Virtual Fundraiser, Oakland, CA - Collaboration with GABRIELA Oakland, benefit for Kadamay

2020   641 Black Lives Matter Memorial, Berkeley, CA - Organized by Karina Epperlein

2020   Connections, Reflections & Intersections, Electronic Arts: Virtual Panel - Organized by Aspire & BEAT! for Juneteenth Programming

2020   27 Hour Mural for Breonna Taylor, 14th & Broadway, Oakland, CA - Organized by The People's Conservatory

2020   Pilipinx Radical Imagination Reader Virtual Community Dialogue - Organized by Melissa Nievera-Lozano & Anthony Santa Ana

2020   Dance Instructor, Dance Dance Dance for Taal, In the Groove Studios, Oakland, CA - Collaboration with GABRIELA Oakland, benefit for Bayanihan Disaster Relief

2019   Holiday Craft Fair, Sama Collective, Oakland, CA - Organized by Liyang Oakland benefit for Sabokahan

2019   10th Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest, Omni Commons, Oakland, CA - Organized by EBABZ

2019   Kumain Ka Na?, Magic House, Oakland, CA - Collaboration with Stephanie Gervacio for Filipino American History Month

2018   Pilipinx Radical Imagination Book Reading, SFSU, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Melissa Nievera-Lozano & Anthony Santa Ana

2018   Listening Salon: Poetry & Solo Cello with Russian virtuoso Georgy Gusev, Karinaland, Berkeley, CA - Organized by Karina Epperlein

2018   Pilipinx Radical Imagination Book Reading, Eastwind Books, Berkeley, CA - Organized by Melissa Nievera-Lozano & Anthony Santa Ana

2018   Happy Hour for Women's Audio Mission: Performance with Cat Mahatta, Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Join The Movement

2018   Pop Up Dance Party for Puerto Rico: Performance with Cat Mahatta, Starline Social Club, Oakland, CA - Organized by Vegan & Sarah, benefit for Maria Fund

2017   Participants: Featured Guest, Live Oak Theatre, Berkeley, CA - Production by TheatreFIRST

2017   Talking Down to Trump, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA - Organized by Kris Grossman for 100 Days of Action

2017   Fired!, Temescal Art Center, Oakland, CA - Organized by Shapeshifters Cinema for 100 Days of Action

2016   NoDAPL Emergency Black Friday Rummage Sale, City Limits Gallery, Oakland, CA - Organized by Saif Azzuz benefit for Standing Rock

2016   Samu't Sari, Echo Lake Park, Los Angeles, CA - Organized by Nicole Arca of FilAm Arts          

2016   Remember Our Place?, SOMArts Bay Gallery, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Sammay Dizon of Urban X Indigenous

2015   Awakened Ancestors // Borrowed Futures, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco, CA - Organized by People of Coloring

2015   Her Resilience: Community Paint Day, Park Community Garden, Oakland, CA - Organized by Her Resilience

2014   Pistahan, Yuerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Kristian Kabuay for Filipino Arts And Events

2014   Kalayaan, Union Square, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Kristian Kabuay for KalayaanSF

2013   You Don’t Act Like an Indian Girl, Public Works, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Lauryn Porte benefit for the film Petals in the Dust

2012   100 FacesRoll Up Gallery, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Lauryn Porte Benefit for Face AIDS


2021   Shape Shift, Rock Paper Scissors, Oakland, CA - Organized by Epekto Art Projects

2019   Deconstructed Pidginhole, Warehouse 416, Oakland, CA - Organized by Epekto Art Projects

2018   Holy Trinity, Bindlestiff Studio, San Francisco, CA - Curated by Melanie Elvena for Women's History Month

2018   Rock Paper Scissors, Warehouse 416, Oakland, CA - Organized by Rock Paper Scissors Collective

2017   APAture: Unravel, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA - Organized by Kearny Street Workshop

2016   Bringing Solutions HomeThe Flight Deck, Oakland, CA - Organized by Her Resilience

2014   Mission & Vision, Mamá Art Cafe, San Francisco, CA - Curated by Shane Menez

2014   Beyond Breakfast & SelfiesRock Paper Scissors Collective, Oakland, CA - Curated by Femme Cartel

2014   Allow Me to Introduce Myself…, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA

2013   Bitches Brew, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA - Curated by Kate Klingbeil & Grace Lannon

2013   Spring Dionysian, The Warehouse, San Francisco, CA - Curated by Camille Lynch

2012   Art Murmur, Era, Oakland, CA - Collaborative Installation with Michele Marti

2012   360 Degrees, California College of the Arts North Gallery, Oakland, CA - Curated by Tony Esola

2012   Black and White, Number 9 Gallery, Willits, CA - Curated by Cianna Valley

2012   Curiosities, Rock Paper Scissors Collective, Oakland, CA - Curated by Chris Hambrick

2012   Stimulus, 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

2012   Days To Come, 5 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA - Curated by Crystal Townsend

2011   Baccalaureate Exhibition, PLAySPACE, San Francisco, CA

2011   Student Scholarship Exhibition, Society of Illustrators, New York, NY - National Juried Exhibition

2010   burdens and blessings, California College of the Arts Center Gallery, Oakland, CA - Solo Exhibition

2009   Past Infinity, Oliver Arts Center, Oakland, CA - Juried Exhibition

2008   First Year Honors Exhibition, Tecoah and Thomas Bruce Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2021   Telling Our Stories:Re-Envisioning The Future, We Rise collaboration with Mycelium Youth Network, Virtual Series

2020   Consciousness Rooting in the Heart of Autumn, We Rise Production, Virtual Series

2020   Wellness Lab: Embodied Dance, Out & Equal: 2020 Workplace Summit, Virtual Webinar

2019   Radical Love Through Dance, Radical Monarchs, Oakland, CA

2019   Expanding Through Dance, Radically Fit, Oakland, CA

2018   Choreography: I Owe You Nothing, The Compact Campfire, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

2018   embodied drama, The Compact Campfire, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

2018   embodied drama, Abun-Dance, Oakland, CA

2017   Re-landing Through Movement, Liberation Spring Retreat, Bolinas, CA

2017   Putting in Werq, Dance Party, Oakland, CA

2017   BODY DRAMAHHH: RADICAL LOVE, Hipline, Oakland, CA

2016   Spectrum of Identity, Liberation Spring Retreat, Oakland, CA

2016   embodied movement, Liberation Spring Retreat, Sebastopol, CA

2016   BODY DRAMAHHH: GROWN A$$ WOMAN, Hipline, Oakland, CA

2014   BODY DRAMAHHH, Hipline, Oakland, CA


2022   We Rise: Meet nicole gervacio & Cat Petru | CanvasRebel

2021   Sabiha with GABRIELA | Posters for the People

2020   Decolonizing Strategies: Consciousness Rooting Gatherings with We Rise | Birth Bruja Podcast

2020   Oakland Artists, Community Members Create Murals In Solidarity with Black Lives Matters | SF Chronicle

2018   What Our First Ever Feminist Summer Camp Was Like | A Practical Wedding

2017   A Tribute to Our Ancestors We Rise on KPFB

2017   Filipino American History Month | Full Circle

2017   Feature: Nicole Gervacio | Ano Ba Zine

2016   31 Days of Revolutionary Women, #27: Nieves Fernandez | South Seattle Emerald

2015   Now Announcing Lead Artist: Nicole Gervacio | People of Coloring

2015   East Oakland Mural Honors Women Effected by Violence | Making Contact

2015   The Unveiling of ‘Her Resilience’ | Oakulture

2015   Her Resilience: From Seed to Flower | Oakland Voices

2015   Artists Create a Mural Project to Honor Women Affected by Violence | Oakland North

2015   Her Resilience: Quelling Violence Against Women Through Art | Wine & Bow Ties

2015   Oakland Mural Honors Women Who Have Experienced Violence | Oakland Local

2014   Her Resilience: Women in Control of Their Own Image | Inside Bay Area News & Oakland Voices

2014   Artist Interview: Nicole Gervacio | Jung Katz


2023   Lengua Suelta Numero 22

2023   Mahalaya Volume 1 Issue 10, MahalayaSF Newspaper

2022   Mahalaya Volume 1 Issue 5, MahalayaSF Newspaper

2022   Liwanag 3, Kearny Street Workshop

2021   QTPOCALYPSE, Art Zine & Survival Guide

2021   Kapit-Bisig, San Francisco Progressive Filipinx Caucus - order a copy

2020   Consciousness Rooting, We Rise

2019   opposite sides of an ocean, nicole gervacio solo zine

2019   Filipino American Artist Directory 3

2018   People of Coloring Limited Edition: Volume 1, Issue 1 - order a copy

2018   Mariposa: Addressing U.S. Border Violence with Action, Magick, and Prayer, We Rise & Birth Bruja

2018   The Pilipinx Radical Imagination Reader - order a copy

2018   Filipino American Artist Directory 2

2017   Ano Ba Zine Issue 3

2017   Roots & Wings, We Rise

2017   Ano Ba Zine Issue 2

2015   Awakened Ancestors \\ Borrowed Futures, People Of Coloring

2015   In Her Image | Mills Quarterly

2014   Lady Warrior Zine IV: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

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