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embodied dance this september

Join me for delicious movement this September

Wednesdays 6PM - 7PM PST on Zoom - sign up now!

bare feet welcome • no equipment required • open to all levels

Each session offers a different invitation for focus and will build through the month. Our 1st session Wednesday September 6th we'll explore and play with our arms, shoulders, hands, and fingers.

This series includes:

– juicy warmups with breath work and opening movements to invite your body to be fully present.

– prompts to guide you through exploring movement and your body.

– confidence in listening to yourself and honoring your body.

– inspiration and agency that you can take off the dancefloor & integrate into your life.

– practice and experiences that support moving & living embodied.

embodied dance encourages experimentation through movement that aims to inspire mind, body, and soul. intentional warm ups, prompts, and breath deepen our awareness to our bodies, our senses, as well as how we move through space around us. simple choreography and guided prompts are paired with a curated and flowing playlist to activate and connect the body and mind for improvisation and musical interpretation.

Classes will take place September 6, 13, 20 and 27. Join us and sign up for this autumn equinox journey - link for registration here!

Here are highlights from a live I did with Heather about Embodied Dance...

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