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Space with Epekto Art Projects

first exhibition with the filipinx art collective Epekto Art Projects.

"Epekto" is a Tagalog word meaning: reaction, effect or result. 

Epekto Art Projects is a contemporary Filipinx visual artists collective located in the Bay Area. We began in 2011 and have shown throughout San Francisco and Oakland. As a collective we strive to cultivate a community for Filipinx artists, supporting each other’s development through exhibiting, resources, and forming connections. We’ve also hosted panel talks and live mural projects as a way to connect with our community.

Our work ranges from personal narratives to social statements of current day affairs. A few of the topics include globalism and the way that technology has brought us closer together and further apart; psychological personal reflection; empowering narratives; experimenting with material; studying nature; Philippine history; acculturation; and understanding societal conditions around inequality and identity. There is no one particular genre or one style that we work in. We seek to go beyond stereotypes and push boundaries of how we may be perceived.  

Epekto supports gender equality and the LGBTQ communities. We believe in inclusion and strive to create safe spaces. 


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