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pilipinxs face many frontlines right now, both in the diaspora & in the philippines. as a pilipina with distinct privileges & resources, i am committed to doing as much as i can to support kapwa in the motherislands.

here are 3 ways i am acting in solidarity, and i invite you to join me:

1. ✊🏽 i'll be tuning into the webinar: From The Belly to Bulacan & San Roque Sitio: Stand With The Poor this Thursday, July 9th to learn more about what's going on from organizers in the philippines.

"This webinar will highlight the work of KADAMAY, a Filipino alliance of urban poor organizations primarily led by mothers & women on the frontlines of the fight for housing rights and social services. Topics that will be discussed include the situation of urban poor & houseless communities in the Philippines amidst the pandemic and the growing crackdown against progressive movements, mutual aid relief efforts, and women's leadership in KADAMAY, followed by a Q & A."

2. the webinar will be followed by a fundraising event series including a pop-up webstore for Kadamay – July 9th-23rd at – with prints, mixtapes, t-shirts, and more by Bay Area artists and makers. 🌊 i have donated copies of my zine for this pop-up, so if you've been wanting one of my zines this is THE BEST way to get a copy!

opposite sides of an ocean features poetry, photographs, documentation, and writing on experiences that span across our largest ocean and what’s been lost in between.

3. 🎶 i am leading Dance for Kadamay: a virtual dance class fundraiser Friday, July 17th. come dance with me & spread the word! pay what you can, ALL donations will go to Kadamay. the benefits of a virtual dance class is the opportunity to dance with people around the world. it would warm my soul to see pilipinxs of the diaspora & allies moving in solidarity together.

reserve your spot by filling out this form.

these are incredibly intense times for us all, but let us remember as corrupt governments and oppressive systems continue to fail us, WE TAKE CARE OF US, WE TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. isang bagsak.



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