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History Keeps Me Awake

i recently installed this piece for TheatreFirst's production History Keeps Me Awake. the project features a spectrum of LGBTQ+ activists and organizations of the bay area from the last century.

the concept was imagined by T1 and was directed by We Rise advisor and dear friend Tierra Allen. see both shows and check out the work in the lobby...

Elaine Magree’s PUSSYGRABBINGREVENGE, a seriously funny play about seriously unfunny things. Spanning 60 years, collective responses to sexual threats and violence are recounted and interrogated: is it revenge, resistance, subversion or justice? What is justice?

In A One Man Show, Skyler Cooper charts his course of transformation from a Baptist minister’s daughter afraid to tell her parents she liked girls, didn’t believe in God, and desperately wished to become a man, through the death of his mother that serves as the unexpected catalyst that sets Skyler on his path toward whom he’s always been.

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