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embodied drama

embodied drama is a dance class that encourages experimentation that exercises the mind, body, and soul. intentional movements and breath deepen our awareness to our bodies, senses, as well as how we move through space around us. simple choreography and guided prompts are paired with a curated and flowing playlist to activate and connect the body and mind for improvisation and musical interpretation. barefoot class, bring a waterbottle, donation based 👐🏽 🎶


Abun-Dance is a donation based communal gathering in Oakland CA, that offers healing and respite through movement and dance! A gathering for healing expression.

Happiness awakens the life force. Optimism, energy in abun-dance, positive action, and clear vision. A feeling of being part of something bigger than your own individual life. Let the old forms shatter, let the truth shine through as you enter a stage where quality of life and being your authentic self is more important than mere existence.

update: embodied drama through Abun-Dance was discontinued at the beginning of autumn 2018.

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