anger does not mean hate.

two separate words with separate types of sharpness.

anger is an energy.

seeping from frustration

a repercussion of sadness

or an echo of disconnection.

it is the weight of powerlessness.

it comes as throbbing pain

dehydrated of humanity.

most experience true anger

have seen red flames,

felt power in their veins...

with focus anger transforms

spreads wings of resilience

but only after

the fuel of anger melts into an even liquid,

the purest form of passion-

(adjective): intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

a strong and barely controllable emotion.

the weight of injustice and ignorance makes you feel

like erupting offensive gestures and sounds

painful rage charges tension into thick air - electricity under our skin.

and neutral faces stare blankly as if born the day before

closing what openness was there, to stay comfortable.

yes ‘Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.’ - Albert Einstein, but

‘Postpone today’s anger for tomorrow’ - Tagalog saying

we hold our passion in a cocoon,

a delicate shell woven of intuitive light,

that takes silence to build.

resilience only becomes whole

when we patiently cradle the liquified energy, neutralize any trace of acidity-

anger, empathy, suffering,

allow them to fully blend,

ferment with understanding.

when our energy has matured into wine,

rich elegant and dizzying complexity in a glass,

each sip a loaded conversation,

a single drop will leave you stained and our presence unforgotten.



© 2020 nicole gervacio

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